Limited Run Autographed CD “Encoded” by Solé

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The long anticipated full length album ENCODED by Billboard Award Winning artist Solé on Compact Disc. This high vibrational hip hop offering is a collectors item and was released on Sept 28, 2019, 20 years to the date of her sophomore release on Dreamworks Reciords. This limited run of hard copies are each autographed. 

Track Listing:

1. Intro (Unveiled)

2. Pranayama

3. Daughter of The Earth

4. Highs Mids Lows
DJ Nabs feat. Solé

5. Interlude (The Woman at the Well) feat./ Mama Phyllis Poke

6. Water Flows

7. Melan Know Sightz
Feat. Professor Griff, Amerika

8. The Formula

9. Serpentine
Feat. Herb Alkhemyst

10. Waiting On Tuesday
Feat. Shurhea Upendo

11. Offerings

12. Under The Veil
Feat. Sam Salter, Shae Jones

2019 Devi Tribe Sacred Sound Music

Solé is a 300 hr. Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, 250 hr. Certified Mystical Dance Teacher, Womb Sauna Practitioner, Reiki Master, Black Belt in Kung Fu, Clinical Herbalist, Tantric Yogini, Sacred Medicine Woman Wellness Coach, Birth Doula, Shakti Pre Natal Yoga Teacher, Pelvic Floor (Yoni) Yoga Teacher, Belly Dancer, Red Tent Facilitator, Taoist Jade Temple Initiate, Priestess, Billboard Award Winning Hip Hop Artist and has a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies