Saundarya: A Tantric Yogini Sadhana

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Goddess Temple of Love presents:

Saundarya: A Tantric Yogini Sangha - Awakening a Heart of Divine Beauty, Devotion, Sensuousness and Love.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

11 am - 2 pm

Dragon Academy of Martial Arts

8807 Annapolis Rd., Lanham, MD 20706


Saundarya in its simplest form means beauty. The feminine Nature is always closely associated with beauty and the very essence of beauty is Goddess. Tantra asks that we seek the very source of beauty, allowing it to draw us closely to the Goddess Herself. 

During this Tantric Yogini Sangha, we will gather together in the ancient way of woman, as a sacred community of devotees of the Mother, to draw close to the source of beauty and awaken a heart of devotion, sensuousness and love. 

Together we will soften into the ways of walking in beauty, grace and ease, opening to life as love making through the feminine form practices of Tantric Yogini Yoga, Temple Dance, Mantra, Poetry, Song & Sacred Beauty Rituals.

Ceremonial Tea + Sacred Feminine Ayurvedic Elixirs + Prasadam will be served to help facilitate the opening of the heart, nourishing the womb and nervous system + increasing Ojas (Our sacred life nectar/ radiance/immunity.)



**Please wear red, pink or white. Dress comfortably yet beautifully to honor sacred beauty. Be sure that whatever you wear, you are comfortable enough in it to sit on the floor, move, dance and practice Yoga asana in. 


**Please bring: 

- a small cushion to sit on

- small tea cup (or small mug) and metal spoon for your tea (we want to do the least amount of harm by avoiding as much as possible filling the land fills with extra trash with disposable cups, spoons, plates etc)

- a reusable cloth napkin or clean handkerchief to receive your prasadam

- a small item that represents beauty to you to place on the alter (you will take this item back home with you after the gathering)

**PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 10 - 15 MIN EARLY (Doors will open at 10:30 am and we will begin promptly at 11 am)

To limit disruption to other participants and to honor sacred time and maintain a devotional atmosphere, No one will be permitted to enter after 11:11 am and no refunds will be offered. Please plan ahead to arrive early. 

You will receive a reminder email the night before the workshop from Goddess Temple of Love.


“Oh, Supreme Divine Mother,
Whatever action of mine, may it be intended for and dedicated to Your worship:
may my speech become recitation of Your name as prayer (japa),
may all my actions become gestures of Your worship (mudras),
may all my movements become a circumambulation around Your form (pradakshina),
may all my food and drink become offerings to You as oblations to divine fire (havan),
may all my resting and sleep become prostrations to You (pranam)
may all my worldly pleasures and enjoyments be transformed into acts of devotion to you (seva),
(May “I” become “Thine” and “Thou” become “mine”,  O Mother,)”

English translation by Swami Veda Bharati of Saundarya Lahari Verse 27